masculinity is so funny to me bc men deprive themselves of the best things in life in order to achieve it like ….fuzzy socks, fun fruity pink drinks, spa days, lifetime movies,  expressing positive feelings in a healthy way, being a warm genuine person

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Everyone has a gay cousin. If you don’t have a gay cousin, then you might be the gay cousin

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sometimes I only make a pot of coffee so the house smells good

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checkthedungeon: Aww that sounds cool, well random works because it looks great! Thank you :)

You’re welcome! X

checkthedungeon: Hey yeah that did thank you :) Last question I promise aha, do you just put all the bluey colours on at once or do it in layers/turns wtc? I really love you blog too! :)

Basically what I did was dye all of my hair dark brown, the bleach all the hair i wants to be blue. Then use conditioner on it a few times because it will get very dry. To dye it blue I just late out all of the tubs of dye, then I’d section my hair and just dye each section a different blue colour. I didn’t really have any system, I just done it randomly tbh. I done it all at the same time then washed it all off at once 💕💕

checkthedungeon: You are beautiful!! How do you dye your hair to make it look that good? :)

Wow thank you! The dark colour on the top of my hair is John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in 3N Deep brown-black and the blue colours are a mix of different crazy colour and directions blue shades that I just mix and match really :) The best bleach to use before applying the colours is definitely Trulites bleach and developer :) Hope this helps!


Trainspotting (1996)

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*loses drink in scotland* where did my Glasgow.

Oh my god

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